Art in Armagh Part 3 – For the Love of Emer



The Sculpture

“For the Love of Emer” is located at the bottom of Scotch Street in Armagh City Centre.  The 30 foot stainless steel structure depicts the “Hound of Ulster” (Cuchulainn) balancing atop a tilting 20 foot pole. Continue reading

Art in Armagh Part 2 – StarStone


Armagh Ambassador Ciaran McMahon takes a selfie with the StarStone

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Art in Armagh Part 1 – Armagh Markets and Fair Days

2016-02-20 16.23.24Armagh Markets and Fair Days is situated on the walls of the steps beside the Markethouse and enhances the walk up to Market Square and the hill on which the Church of Ireland Cathedral stands, overlooking Armagh City. Continue reading

Armagh Ambassadors kick into touch

This week the Armagh Ambassadors took a short drive from the City Centre to visit three nearby visitor attractions, the Milford House Collection, the William McCrum Memorial and then the Navan Centre and Fort.

Milford House Collection

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City of Saints, Scholars and Space Explorers!

The Armagh Ambassadors spent a morning which can only be described as an out-of-this-world experience on their visit to the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium on Tuesday 16th February.  They embarked on a voyage of scientific discovery which began in the gardens of the Observatory and ended in the outer reaches of the exploding universe. Oh yes, and on the way they also built and launched their own rockets and listened to the stars!

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Armagh Ambassadors star on TV and radio

Irish TV

Radio Ulster

This week has seen the Armagh Ambassadors feature on both TV and radio.  The Irish TV channel interviewed two of our ambassadors, Malachy O’Neill and Caoimhe Toner at the launch of the programme earlier this month.  Click here to watch “Armagh Matters” which was broadcast on Tuesday evening – the Armagh Ambassador section starts at 12 minutes. Continue reading

A morning on the hill with the Armagh Ambassadors

Visiting the oldest inhabited hill in Armagh starts with the best view of the city.  We didn’t need the icy wind to take our breath away as the view is more than capable of doing that and allowed us to see why Archbishop Robinson loved this city and walking around the Church of Ireland Cathedral you get a sense of why St Patrick had previously chosen this hill for his Ecclesiastical Capital – a title still held by Armagh City today. Walking around this ancient site with the bells ringing in the history from the grave of High King Brian Boru to the oldest Public Library,  there is no escaping the sense of all those who have went before. Continue reading

The Armagh City Bucket List

bucket-list.pngWhen we go on holiday, we can spend some of our break visiting a range of tourist attractions such as museums, art galleries and stately homes to find out more about the country we are visiting.  There are “must visit” places on our bucket list before we travel back home and we make the time to visit them.

When we are back home, do we take time to visit the tourist attractions on our doorstep?  Sadly not always.  There may be places on our “local bucket list” but we don’t always manage to take time out of our busy schedule to visit them.

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City Ambassadors getting ready for Blast-off

The 25 Armagh Ambassadors.jpgThe Armagh Ambassador Programme officially kicked off last week at the Armagh Planetarium.  This ground-breaking initiative is being pioneered by Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council to showcase the wide range of arts, culture, heritage and visitor attractions which are available at the very heart of Armagh.

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Top five reasons to become an Armagh Ambassador

Armagh Ambassador logo-01If you are thinking of joining the team of 25 Armagh Ambassadors but haven’t quite taken the plunge yet, here are five reasons why you should get on board with the “Armagh Ambassador” team.

  1. Improve your knowledge of your local area.

300815CH0232How often do you visit the attractions in your local area? How much do you know about what is available for visitors and tourists?  Many of us have only a passing knowledge of what there is to do and see on our own doorstep.  Our Armagh Ambassadors will get the opportunity to change that by experiencing their city as a tourist and seeing for themselves what great resources Armagh City has.  Details of their itinerary are here.

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