Art in Armagh Part 5 – Celestial Sphere

Celestial Sphere

Our street art presentation is the “Celestial Sphere”  sculpture which wouldn’t be easy to say after a few glasses of wine.  The sculpture is situated on Upper English Street outside the old Post Office and draws strongly on Armagh’s association with astronomy .

Celestial Sphere is the work of Brian Connolly from Bushmills Co. Antrim who is a lecturer at Belfast School of Fine Art.  It consists of a large sphere two metres in diameter onto which stars and other features of the night sky have been added. The sphere rests on one of four large base stones which have been engraved to depict the development of astronomy through the ages.

The solid grey granite used was imported from China and cut and polished by Mc Connell Stoneworks in Kilkeel.

The stars themselves are made from gold coloured glass and have accurately mapped out by the artist with the help of  astrological professors from Florida State University and Armagh Observatory.

The sculpture was unveiled on 16th December 2010 by Mayor Jim Speers and was jointly financed by  the Department of  Social Development and the Arts Council.

Incidentally Brian Connolly was also the artist behind “Turning Point” which is a bronze sphere located on the Mall.

Thank you to the Seven Hills group of Armagh Ambassadors for writing this – Amanda Young, Malachy O’Neill, Joanne Shilliday and Norma Foster.




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