Art in Armagh Part 2 – StarStone


Armagh Ambassador Ciaran McMahon takes a selfie with the StarStone

  • Commissioned by Armagh City Council in 2011
  • Aided by funding from Arts Council
  • Sculptor – Mr Richard Perry – based in Leeds
  • Made entirely from local Armagh Marble – local company Armagh Natural Stone provided the raw material
  • Inspiration for the StarStone comes from Armagh’s long curiosity with the night sky, and the way the Cathedrals seemingly reach for the sky from the hills on which the city is built.
  • It provides a sense of the ancientness of Armagh, using the local stone and real craftmanship.
  • If you look closely at the sculpture you can find tiny fossils formed in the Armagh stone millions of years ago
  • Amazingly tactile with vertical striations on its surface the sculpture stands 5.5 metres high
  • Located in front of the modern architectural lines of the Market Place Theatre.

Written by Gail Steed, Ciaran McMahon, Wanda Johns and Caitlin McKeever, The Armachians, Armagh Ambassadors


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