Ambassadors hit the Mall


The day promised to be a good one as we met and started our experience at the Turning Point sculpture on the Mall. We had an informative, if chilly, introduction to this fabulous piece of public art.  We then made our way down the Mall to head into the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum. Continue reading

Art in Armagh Part 5 – Celestial Sphere

Celestial Sphere

Our street art presentation is the “Celestial Sphere”  sculpture which wouldn’t be easy to say after a few glasses of wine.  The sculpture is situated on Upper English Street outside the old Post Office and draws strongly on Armagh’s association with astronomy . Continue reading

Art in Armagh Part 4 – Angels and Gargoyles


Ever feel as if you are being watched while walking round Armagh?  Well chances are the answer is yes! But not by who or what you may think. It is not by the spirits of St Patrick, Brian Boru or the other local characters of the city but by little beady eyes. 44 little beady eyes in fact. Continue reading

King of the Pipers

2016-03-12 16.31.32

The Orchateers outside the Palace Demesne


It’s the morning of Tuesday 8th March and the Armagh Ambassadors are on tour again. Our destination is the Palace Demesne and we are here to see the “Paintings at the Palace”. Continue reading

Armagh Ambassadors hit the high notes


“The Lilliputians” getting ready for their tour of the Cardinal Tomas O’Fiaich Library

Cardinal Tomas O’Fiaich Library

The Cardinal Tomas O’Fiaich Library is situated behind St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral overlooking the Moy road out of Armagh City. Established by Cardinal Cathal Daly and found next to the Cathedral grounds, it is in fact a free independent library! Continue reading

Art in Armagh Part 3 – For the Love of Emer



The Sculpture

“For the Love of Emer” is located at the bottom of Scotch Street in Armagh City Centre.  The 30 foot stainless steel structure depicts the “Hound of Ulster” (Cuchulainn) balancing atop a tilting 20 foot pole. Continue reading

Art in Armagh Part 2 – StarStone


Armagh Ambassador Ciaran McMahon takes a selfie with the StarStone

Continue reading

Art in Armagh Part 1 – Armagh Markets and Fair Days

2016-02-20 16.23.24Armagh Markets and Fair Days is situated on the walls of the steps beside the Markethouse and enhances the walk up to Market Square and the hill on which the Church of Ireland Cathedral stands, overlooking Armagh City. Continue reading

Armagh Ambassadors kick into touch

This week the Armagh Ambassadors took a short drive from the City Centre to visit three nearby visitor attractions, the Milford House Collection, the William McCrum Memorial and then the Navan Centre and Fort.

Milford House Collection

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