The Armagh City Bucket List

bucket-list.pngWhen we go on holiday, we can spend some of our break visiting a range of tourist attractions such as museums, art galleries and stately homes to find out more about the country we are visiting.  There are “must visit” places on our bucket list before we travel back home and we make the time to visit them.

When we are back home, do we take time to visit the tourist attractions on our doorstep?  Sadly not always.  There may be places on our “local bucket list” but we don’t always manage to take time out of our busy schedule to visit them.

The twenty five Armagh Ambassadors started today to visit the attractions that are on their “Armagh City Bucket List”.  Each week a different group of three or four ambassadors are going to write a blog about their experiences as they meander around the city this Spring.  The first one will be posted later this week.

As the group tours the city to see some of its hidden gems, we hope it will give you the impetus to get out there and visit some of the items on your “Armagh City Bucket List” this Spring.

Enjoy Armagh!





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