Top five reasons to become an Armagh Ambassador

Armagh Ambassador logo-01If you are thinking of joining the team of 25 Armagh Ambassadors but haven’t quite taken the plunge yet, here are five reasons why you should get on board with the “Armagh Ambassador” team.

  1. Improve your knowledge of your local area.

300815CH0232How often do you visit the attractions in your local area? How much do you know about what is available for visitors and tourists?  Many of us have only a passing knowledge of what there is to do and see on our own doorstep.  Our Armagh Ambassadors will get the opportunity to change that by experiencing their city as a tourist and seeing for themselves what great resources Armagh City has.  Details of their itinerary are here.

  1. Meet like minded people who share your love of Armagh.

The 25 Armagh Ambassadors will be drawn from all walks of life. Taking part in the programme will give you the opportunity to meet new people from different age groups and backgrounds but with one thing in common, a love of Armagh and its surrounding area.

  1. Develop your skills and knowledge.CV

The Armagh Ambassador Programme offers the opportunity for personal development, whether to help you in your career or just to broaden your horizons.  You will have the chance to learn about history, science, art and culture, not to mention a chance to be bang up to date by developing your digital and social media skills.  One of the programme facilitators Lynda Willis is an experienced digital marketer and will provide practical tips on using Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Understand more about the importance of tourism in Armagh and learn how to promote your area at home and abroad. 

Tourism is vital to the Northern Ireland economy as a whole and to the local Armagh area. By raising the profile of Armagh and encouraging people to visit the area we can improve our local economy and help to create prosperity for our whole community. As an Armagh Ambassador you will play an important part in the drive to make Armagh a welcoming city for visitors from both home and abroad, and by doing so can help to underpin the image of Armagh as an interesting, vibrant and welcoming City.

  1. Enjoy 6 fun mornings out visiting the attractions of Armagh

As an Armagh Ambassador you will get the opportunity to spend 6 mornings out and about experiencing what Armagh has to offer for yourself.  You will get the chance to go ‘behind the scenes’ in some of Armagh’s best known attractions, you will meet the experts and have the opportunity to get the ‘inside track’ on each location. Add in great coffee and scones and what’s not to like!

Don’t delay and fill in your application form today – the closing date is Friday 22nd January.  You can download the form here  Application Form

PS If you would like to have a chat about the programme, please call Lynda on 07773 423675.




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